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One of the largest Roleplay maps for Garrys Mod. Created By Sgt.Sickness and Sir Zolofto

After over 3 months of planning, building, rebuilding and fixing leaks RP_EvoCity is finally here. This is the roleplay map many have dreamed of. Although it is far from perfection it still has more to offer than most roleplay maps out there today. This map is constanly being updated so stay tuned for v2.

The main goal of this map was to provide a few unique things such as the feeling of having travel distances. Something quite hard to do on a half mile grid. The other goal that sort of ties in with that one is logistics and transportation. There are separate districts to force the player to basically either own a truck to haul goods or hire outside help to deliver and pick up goods from place to place in the map. It is designed more or less for a RPG rather than a RP mod. Hence things like ATMS. The map is also NOT noded for NPC's reason being I don't want to see this map full of antlion guards.

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