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Mesa State Hospital for the Insane

My first Kirkbride based of Dixmont State Hospital

I did this one as a request for some people. It is basically just a giant hospital that can be used for RP. It consists of an admin section with two wings each with 3 sections with connecting halls in between them. Only one wing is enterable but it is the whole wing not just a few rooms. The map has the basic shape of a kirbride and follows the;

place the more dangerous patients further away from the admin structure


The admin section of the map can be seen in RP_Bigcity_life. It is the first of two Kirbride style structures I have created however this is the only released one. There are plans to redo this map with better optimization and graphic enhancements as well as a more creepy feel. Makes for fun roleplay sessions. The map has 2 versions the one pictured below and a decrepit less laggy one. Anyway enjoy your stay the nut house!

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